The ULTIMATE caulk tube sealer!

exciting new product for the do-it-yourselfer


The STEM-a brand new, easy to use, product for contractors, homeowners, do-it-yourselfers!

It is seldom that one will use the entire contents of a tube of caulk on a single project.

This leaves both the pros and the do-it-yourselfer's with product that could dry up and become no longer useful.

Developed by a contractor and a do-it-yourselfer, The STEM™ seals the tube soundly after using.

The unique design of The STEM™ allows for the loosening up of the product either by hand or cordless or electric drill at the next usage.

The in and out motion allows a free flowing bead of caulking every time. Allows YOU to pick the perfect bead size of your caulking.

The Stem tm can be used with any size Caulking, Glue or any other tube type product that needs to flow!

No more bound up tubes, cracked stems and dry caulk with this eco-friendly 100% reusable/recyclable product.

The STEM™ saves you money, time and your caulking product. It is fresh every time you use it.

It pays for itself in one use!

The STEM™ the ultimate in caulk tube sealers!

Proudly made and distributed in the U.S.A.



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